Who We Are

At Smith’s New and Used Tires, we are the experts in providing the best new and used tires and tire repair services you will ever experience. We’ve spent years maintaining a vast new and used tire inventory where each tire is individually inspected to ensure that the public receives only the best. Our relationships with leading tire manufacturers ensures that we have every tire size you need to get your vehicle on the road with excellent tread. We offer the largest and best supply of both new and used tires in NEPA. If you cannot come visit us, don’t worry! Simply go to the contact us page, and we’ll get everything set up to ship the tires to you!

Tire Repair

Don’t get frustrated by a flat tire. Let the pros at Smith’s New and Used Tires repair, mount, and balance it for you in just minutes. Service includes removal of the tire from the rim, inspection, liner repair, puncture fill, remounting, and balancing.

Tire Recycling

At Smith’s New and Used Tires, we go green with tire recycling. When a tire has passed its safe and useful life, we recycle responsibly. We send worn-out tires to a reputable recycling facility where they’re shredded or crumbled. The scrap tires are then used to make products such as athletic fields, mulch, and highway surfaces.

Buy Used Tires

Sometimes a used tire is the right choice. Smith’s New and Used Tires keeps many quality used tires on hand. Service begins with helping you find the right tires. Then we’ll install and balance the tires, remount the wheels, and reset the TPMS, if necessary